Eight Secrets of Six Figure Business Owners

Six Figure Shift

May 24 2023 • 34 mins

Last year I had a chance to sit down (virtually!) with 5 powerful women entrepreneurs who have one thing in common: They all make a yearly 6-figure income in their business. For so many women who own businesses, this is the goal. The chance to make not just a supplemental income, but a comfortable living from our businesses.

During our LIVE panel, I asked these women a series of questions to get to the bottom of exactly what these online service providers did (and didn’t do!) to reach consistent 5 and 10k months and 6-figure years.

As we talked, themes and similarities emerged from our discussions. So today I want to bring you a condensed version of our conversation – boiled down to the recurring themes we discovered. If YOU want to be a 6-figure business owner, these are eight of the qualities and actions you should evaluate in your own life and business.

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