The Key Factor #024 - Vela Exchange


May 24 2023 • 57 mins

In this episode of The Key Factor, we'll be talking with one of our partners,⁠ Vela Exchange

Vela Exchange is a decentralized exchange that offers advanced perpetuals trading capabilities, community-focused incentives, and a scalable infrastructure. The platform provides several advantages over centralized exchanges, such as fair and equitable access to platform rewards, self-custody of assets, and no requirement for a centralized clearing house.

⁠⁠Factor ⁠⁠acts as the backbone of the DeFi hyperstructure, integrating various protocols, services, and users through secure, interoperable, and scalable liquidity management. As a middleware hub, Factor enables seamless transfer of assets and efficient liquidity management across the decentralized finance ecosystem.


Vela Exchange Website:

Factor Website: