Beyond The Balance Sheet: An Unfiltered Take On The Financial Advisory Industry With Chris Miles

Generations of Wealth

Mar 22 2024 • 40 mins

Join Derek Dombeck in an unfiltered conversation with Chris Miles, the cash flow expert and self-proclaimed anti-financial advisor, as they dissect the traditional financial advisory industry. Delving deep, they expose the flaws in financial advisors, masterminds, and money mindsets. Chris opens up about the pivotal moment that led him to question conventional financial advice. From discussing the significance of passive income and navigating real estate challenges to adapting to market cycles, Chris shares candid insights, offering a fresh and unconventional perspective. Derek adds to the conversation by sharing personal experiences, creating a vibrant dialogue about reinvention post-economic downturns, effective strategies for real estate investments, and the transformative impact of the right mastermind group. Tune in for a compelling exploration of financial wisdom, resilience, and strategies for success in both real estate and beyond.