172. Jon Trevor, Global eCommerce Manager at Ecotone: In-Housing Digital Capability

The FMCG Guys

Jul 6 2024 • 41 mins

Our guest Jon Trevor has a unique background working in the Digital Shelf first on the Agency side with Ascential and, during the last two years and a half, at Ecotone, is the leading company in Europe for organic, vegetarian, healthy and fair-trade food. When Jon joined this business, he decided to take a unique take on Digital: instead of relying on external partners, he in-housed many of the capabilities that are normally outsourced. In this conversation, you'll hear about his journey and how he's developed this team through:

  • Ecotone's brand portfolio, approach to biodiversity and B Corp status
  • Jon's career background in agency
  • His current scope within Ecotone's global eCom team managing the tech stack and providing services and capabilities to local BUs
  • An in-house approach to digital shelf and how they deliver tools, reporting, and resourcing against the key areas
  • Integrating AI into digital shelf analytics and the wider business
  • Content creation and an in-house Digital Asset Management system