# 156 - On Restoring King Gambrinus with Historian John Medkeff

The Beer Mighty Things Podcast

27-09-2022 • 32 mins

Today we speak with John Medkeff, Author of Brewing in Delaware, Delaware’s foremost expert on Delaware’s brewing history, President of The Friends of Delaware’s Gambrinus Statue, Inc and the one who’s tasked with restoring The King of Beer - King Gambrinus.

We met at the Odessa Beerfest in Delaware and it immediately felt like a story you needed to hear. We dive into the history, restoration and the legend of King Gambrinus including his time spent at Delaware's Diamond State Brewery.  From the King's official day, 3D Laser scanning, and John's 501(c)(3), we dig into everything that goes into resurrecting the 135 year old statue.

The renovated statue will be donated to the Delaware Historical Society for long-term presentation and preservation.

Learn more at Restoretheking.com / facebook page / youtube and email at info@restoretheking.com

Check out John's DelawareBeerHistory.com and FB page as well!