THE EASY AGING® SHOW | Aging Gracefully, Midlife Energy, Empty Nester, Retirement

Michelle Zavala | Midlife Coach, Second Act Specialist, Easy Aging Expert

Hey there, Midlifer — Welcome to The Easy Aging® Show! **** TOP-RANKED PODCAST FOR MIDLIFERS **** Does a lack of midlife energy have you doubting yourself? Are you looking for more fulfillment now that you’re an empty nester or retiree? Do you sense that God is calling you to something new, but you’re not sure what it is? If so, you’re not alone. Every Wednesday, you’ll get simple, bite-sized nuggets of action (I call them “fun-sized actions”) to help you reclaim your energy, find your midlife identity, live out your calling with joy, and get unstuck from where you are right now. Best of all, you can implement IMMEDIATELY after each episode. (How cool is that?!) If you’re ready to go after your dreams without apology and revel in the juicy moments of life that make your heart sing, hit PLAY now. It’s time to get movin’ on this little adventure called midlife! CONNECT WITH ME! * Become an Insider + Get Your Free Gift | * Facebook Page | * Site | * Email | Thanks so much for listening today. If this show has helped or encouraged you, the number one way you can thank me is to leave a 5-star rating and review on Apple Podcasts. You’ll find directions on how to do this at read less