$$$ Mining Bonanza: Dolly Varden Silver Strikes 461 G/T Silver Eq Jackpot!

Proven and Probable

Nov 7 2023 • 13 mins

Share This Video: https://youtu.be/TU1V7bhdRQ0 In this conversation we sit down Shawn Khunkhun the CEO of Dolly Varden Silver which has just announced another impressive discovery, this time on a step-out drill on the high-grade Wolf Vein Deposit, which is one of seven high-grade deposits on the Kitsault Valley Project, located in the prolific 'Golden Triangle' in British Columbia. Equally important, viewers will note that Hecla Mining has just increased their strategic position in Dolly Varden Silver with a $10,000,000 investment, which was consummated last week. Find out the details right here! Dolly Varden Silver Corporation is a mineral exploration company focused on advancing its 100% held Kitsault Valley Project located in the Golden Triangle of British Columbia, Canada, 25kms by road to deep tide water. The 163 sq. km. project hosts the high-grade silver and gold resources of Dolly Varden and Homestake Ridge along with the past producing Dolly Varden and Torbrit silver mines. It is considered to be prospective for hosting further precious metal deposits, being on the same structural and stratigraphic belts that host numerous other, on-trend, high-grade deposits, such as Eskay Creek and Brucejack. The project also contains the Big Bulk property which is prospective for porphyry and skarn style copper and gold mineralization, similar to other such deposits in the region (Red Mountain, KSM, Red Chris). The Company’s common shares are listed and traded on the TSX.V under the symbol DV and on the OTCQX system under the symbol DOLLF. The supply and demand fundamentals for silver play a significant role in determining its market price. Here's a brief overview: SUPPLY: Mining: The primary source of silver is mining. Silver is extracted from various ores, including silver sulfide, silver chloride, and silver bromide. Mining companies around the world extract silver as a byproduct of mining other metals like zinc, lead, and copper. Recycling: Silver is also sourced from recycling efforts, including electronic waste, jewelry, and industrial scraps. Recycling helps supplement the supply of silver in the market. Production Trends: Silver production can be influenced by economic factors, technological advancements in mining techniques, and environmental regulations. Mining companies' production decisions are influenced by the prevailing market prices. DEMAND: Industrial Usage: Silver is widely used in various industrial applications, including electronics, solar panels, photography, and medical devices. The demand for these products affects the overall demand for silver. Investment: Silver is considered a store of value, similar to gold. Investors buy silver coins, bars, and other forms of bullion as an investment, especially during economic uncertainties, which can drive up demand. Jewelry and Silverware: Traditional uses like jewelry and silverware contribute to silver demand, although this segment of the market is often sensitive to changes in economic conditions. Global Economic Factors: Economic growth, inflation rates, and geopolitical stability can influence silver demand. During economic downturns, industrial demand may decrease, affecting overall demand. Currency and Speculation: Silver futures and options trading, as well as currency fluctuations, can also influence short-term demand and price movements. We are an education channel that promotes resource stocks, with a proven track record of success in resource stocks and (highest) 📈 returns on physical precious metals for our clients. I’m a licensed broker for Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments - The (ONLY) Online Dealer that is Licensed and Bonded (Period). - Physical Delivery - US Mint Authorized Reseller - Precious Metals Dealer - BRINKS Depository Accounts - Precious Metals IRA’s Website | https://provenandprobable.com/ 🥇🥈Get Your Online Gold/ Silver Here 🥇🥈 Call Me Directly at 855.505.1900 or Email: Maurice@MilesFranklin.com