Dan Hurd - Youtube's Favorite Prospector talks Gold with Proven and Probable

Proven and Probable

Aug 12 2023 • 27 mins

Joining us for a conversation is Youtube's favorite prospector Dan Hurd of https://danhurdprospecting.com/. Mr. Hurd is legendary for his prospecting work in British Columbia. He is responsible for over 300 claims and putting projects into production. Currently his working with Grizzly Discoveries in the Greenwood Gold District. This a great introduction interview on the first building block in the mining cycle. Follow Dan: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@Danhurd/videos Website: https://danhurdprospecting.com/ Website | https://provenandprobable.com/ 🥇🥈Get Your Online Gold/ Silver Here Call Me (Maurice Jackson) Directly at 855.505.1900 or Email: Maurice@MilesFranklin.com The Best Video on How to Buy Precious Metals (Bullion): https://bit.ly/3iR8Rq3 I’m a licensed broker for Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments - The (ONLY) Online Dealer that is Licensed and Bonded (Period). - Physical Delivery - US Mint Authorized Reseller Precious Metals Dealer - BRINKS Depository Accounts - Precious Metals IRA’s #Provenandprobable #DanHurd #grizzlydiscoveries