Visualizing Your Success

Beautifully Restored

Jan 25 2021 • 51 mins

From the time he was a young boy, Brian Covey was being coached to "visualize" his success as a soccer player before the game. This was a technique taught to him first by his father, and then reiterated by coaches as he eventually went on to play soccer professionally.

This same visualization strategy went on to serve him well in his career in sales in the mortgage industry.

This is a great conversation that sheds light on how to stay on top of not just your career, but your personal life from health and fitness to your closest relationships. Brian is a great example of being a leader in the workplace, a committed and caring husband, a present and involved father, and a faithful follower in his faith.

Be looking for his book that is soon to be published! (February 2021) "Conversations with Covey" will be on Amazon and can be found through his link on Instagram: @thebriancovey

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