So You Want to Level Up in Life?

Beautifully Restored

Nov 23 2020 • 20 mins

Recently I heard Anthony Trucks ask the question, "If the person who has what you want or is doing what you dream of doing, looked into your life, would they say that you aren't doing enough?" This question hit me like a ton of bricks. Because even though I feel like I am doing ALOT....compared to the people that I admire and want to pattern my coaching business after....the truth is-- I'm not doing enough. OR even more so, I'm not doing THE RIGHT THINGS. We get SO DANG busy everyday doing STUFF. But is that "stuff" going to get us to where we desire to go in life, business, or whatever? How much time do we waste doing the wrong things? Check out this Episode 35 of Beautifully Restored where I talk about these hard truths that we need to consider. Email me if you need any support or encouragement or if you are ready for a coach to help you do what you have been struggling to do. Email: Instagram: melcoach80