Visionaries Don’t Mind Being Called Crazy [6-Minute Episode]

The Daily Mastery Podcast by Robin Sharma

Feb 2 2024 • 6 mins

The nature of beautiful, honest and inventive work is to cause people to have STRONG opinions.

Some will love you. And some will throw rocks at you, for what you’ve made.

Your job is to stand steady. Knowing you’ve acted with artistic integrity and done your best—along with taking the rocks of the critics and using them to build monuments of mastery that stand as testimony to your creativity.

Oh—and the more violent the opposition to your work, the more you know you’re pushing and challenging and stretching and disturbing the accepted beliefs of the herd.

This scares them. And so they react. Meanly.

My prayer for you? Continue at all costs. Because this is what artists do.

And whether you write code, bake bread, dance for a living, lead a company or start a startup, you’re an artist. At least in my books.

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