Crafting Love Stories with Summer Grace

The Photographer's Problem: A Narrative Podcast

Jan 23 2024 • 53 mins

LA based photographer Summer Grace joins us this week. She discusses the challenges of mailing film for development, recounting stories of lost and miraculously recovered rolls, the financial considerations of film photography, weighing the cost of each shot and the desire for accessible, pocketable cameras. Getting into the weeds on the balance between professional commitments and personal creative fulfillment & emphasizing the importance of inhaling fresh creative air.

About Summer:

Summer Grace is a photographer based out of LA & the PNW who travels all over, and specializes in storytelling and editorial styles on both digital and film. She loves all things thrifting, art, her fiancé Jake, and her pup Indigo. As well as the art of photography, she has and has always had a big love for entrepreneurship and helping others grow their business.


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