A Post-Covid Business Model with Toast Ale

The New Revenue Show

Apr 12 2021 • 44 mins

We each have a moment that we can look back on, that point where Coronavirus crashed into our worlds and left us feeling stunned. At the time of this recording, it’s been 12 months since the pandemic hit.

Thankfully at The CEO Partner we have an experienced team who have weathered many storms and we were able to think on our feet and act fast.

It's been a fascinating year, full of growth and opportunities for reflection. The reality is many businesses, including our clients, were required to shift their pre-pandemic business model completely. And so at the start of a new year, still with plenty of challenges ahead, we want to share some of our learnings and those of our peers with you.

We interviewed Rob Wilson, Chief Toaster, Co-Founder and CEO at Toast Ale, a UK-based sustainable beer company. They use surplus bread from bakeries and sandwich manufacturers and brew it into delicious beer. Their mission is to prove that the alternative to food waste is both delicious and pint-sized - they pour all of their profits into environmental charities.

Toast Ale is an excellent example of a company who took a unique spin on the impact the pandemic had and maximized out the opportunity for New Revenue.

In March 2020, 70% of their trade was shut down. They, like many businesses, had to get creative, innovate and change. They very quickly pivoted and focused on growing their online sales. The result? Their 2020 revenue ended up being very similar to their revenue in 2019!

Tune in to hear about the changes (and mistakes) they made, that ultimately led to one of their most successful years in business yet.

Check them out at Toastale.com and @toastale on social!