Know Your Customer Series (Part 2) - Understanding Consumer Lifecycles & Market Segments

The New Revenue Show

Feb 15 2022 • 13 mins

In this episode:

  • Explore the 5 stages in the consumer lifecycle so that you can start to create content to nurture at each stage
  • Understand the benefits of market segmentation and how to get started
  • Learn ways to maximize your customer relationships and turn them into loyal long-term buyers.

In this episode, we are going to talk about 2 important parts of getting to know your customer which are Market Segmentation & Consumer Lifecycle.

There’s really no end to what you can do. You can keep segmenting and drill down to each group within your market so you can offer content and products that better suit them.

This is what we are going over during the Know Your Customer Workshop.

You will understand your customer lifecycle so that you can maximize that relationship and turn them into loyal long-term buyers.

If you would like to deep dive into your customer profile and market segments, join the Know Your Customer Workshop to discover how to better understand your customers and their needs by using surveys and interviews.