Massive Mistakes Business Owners Make in a Product Launch

The New Revenue Show

Apr 20 2021 • 10 mins

Launching is a whole process. I usually say there are 12K steps between idea and the actual launch. This is what most of our clients stress over.

Have you ever launched a product online and felt like it was a waste of time?

I’m here to tell you that no launch is a waste of time or resources.  In most cases you will have to launch the same product several times in order to optimize and see better results. I like to think of launches in 3 phases.

Before any product launch, there are many moving parts and lots of things happening. It's hard to keep everything straight and there are bound to be at least some problems.

I am going to give you some common mistakes to avoid, to make your product launch go smoothly. Tune into this week’s episode to learn more!