What To Expect When You Plan To Hire For Launch Support

The New Revenue Show

Apr 28 2021 • 9 mins

I recently had a sales call with an ideal client who needed our help to bring her already established business online, to create reliable, repeatable revenue.

There were a couple of things about this call that inspired me for this week’s show topic - what to expect when you plan to hire for launch support.

The first thing we look at is numbers. We don’t sell you a dream. We sell you numbers. They tell the story. We look at the size of your mailing list, how often you’ve mailed them, are they engaged, the frequency of your social posting and so on. . .

This all ties into establishing if you have an audience, who they are and how engaged they are.

You need to build an audience to sell to, this can take 2-3 months. You can’t expect to start a launch project in April, open cart in June, and have a result of a 5-figure launch when you have no audience.

Launching online is not easy; there are a thousand steps in between ideation and actually making it happen.

Listen in now for more insights on managing your launch expectations.

Host Bio:

Sonaya Williams

I am an American woman based in Copenhagen, a Wife, a Mother and a CEO managing a global team.

On any given day you will find me switching back and forth between these roles.  Each identity is precious to me and carries its own special set of needs. I need to bring a different ‘me’ to each situation. I thrive like this and it also demands a lot of energy.

Growing up in New Jersey I watched my Mother be a single mom, working two jobs to provide for me. Free time was so limited for her, that her personal needs, wishes and desires, always came last.

I watched as she struggled under work/life pressures, never really having the freedom to enjoy life on her terms.  Late one night in conversation, many years later, she admitted what I had always known. My Mom had lived her life doing a job that didn’t make her happy or feel fulfilled. She carried regrets and a sense of missing out. What she did for us, her children,  was amazing in so many ways but there was a trade-off.

She put her family first and she came last.

She paid the bills but in doing so, she sacrificed her dreams.

Even as a child, I knew there was something wrong with that story. Later as a young adult,  I made the promise to myself that I would have the right to freedom of choice. I wouldn’t accept that trade-off.

I believed that I could have it all – a happy business and a happy life.

My mission is to free up your time by giving you the right tech tools so you can Do More. Make More. Do the work that you adore. See, I believe when you have the right systems in place, you will end the day-to-day chaos that prevents you from having the success that you want.

You shouldn’t spend your time OR energy on things you hate when you can delegate or automate.

And that’s my area of expertise.


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