Know Your Customer Series (Part 3) - Who Do Your Followers Follow

The New Revenue Show

Mar 1 2022 • 7 mins

In this episode:

  • Understanding your Customers’ Likes and Preferences is gold.
  • Your Target Market’s Buying Behavior will help you to know how to position your business.
  • Learn the Problems You Can Solve by knowing who they follow.

The better you know your target market, the better you can offer the content and products they’re looking for. One great way to research your audience is to see who they follow. You can learn a great deal about your ideal customer this way.

And for a great transparent case study on this topic of know your customer - we offered a Know Your Customer Workshop. It was a 90-minute LIVE session where attendees got to work on building out surveys and interviews so they can begin executing.

Well… it turns out that not many of my customers have a solid 90 minutes to dedicate to doing this all at once.  But because I am putting into practice what is being put out in this series, we surveyed our list and they would like to break up the content.

So we are putting together a 5-day on-demand course with the same content for you to discover how to better understand your customers and their needs by using surveys and interviews.

Go to to get on the waitlist.  It should be available in a few weeks.