Childbirth Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard: Hypnobabies with Kerry Tuschhoff

The Spiritual Life Management Podcast

Apr 18 2022 • 46 mins

Childbirth doesn't have to be so hard, says Hypnobabies founder and directory Kerry Tuschhoff.

As a doula, educator, and hypnotherapist, Kerry has been in the natural child birthing industry for over 30 years. She joins this episode by sharing how the innovative childbirth program she developed, Hypnobabies allows you to have the best possible childbirth experience for you!

Hypnobabies is a natural childbirth technique that some may say is "hypnobirthing." But it is so much more! Hypnobabies offers expecting mothers and partners childbirth courses and methods for a calm, peaceful, relaxing, and easier birthing and delivery experience.

Listen in and learn about the beautiful benefits of having a hypnobabies natural childbirth. Kerry shares how the medical-grade hypnosis course, audio track hypnosis, and childbirth education can create ease in delivery.

She also discusses the unique "eyes wide open" hypnosis experience that allows you to move and get in more comforting positions during delivery.

This is truly a fantastic program, and Kerry has excellent information in this episode for all women considering pregnancy, childbirth techniques, and delivery methods.

Hypnobabies also offer hypnotic tracks for a positive mindset during pregnancy, labor, delivery, fertility, weight loss, overcoming fear, positive parenting, improved sleep, and becoming smoke-free.



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