Learneezee Cast - Episode 8 - w/ Pat Bastien & Rico Lazo - Interview German Expert Lazaros Keskinidis

The Learneezee Cast

15-01-2021 • 35 mins

In episode 8 Rico talks about contracting Covid-19 from attending a family event in Denver

They discuss election news and how Trump followers have taken the blue pill and are like Lemmings going over the cliff.

In their "What's Life Really Like" segment, they discuss how artist Guy Stanley Philoche is paying for other artists' works to support them during the pandemic. They compare Germany's support program for artists to the U.S.A's initiatives.

Then in the "Expert's Corner," they interview, Lazaros Keskinidis - a German & Greek Teacher as well as a Licensed TELC Oral Examinator. Where they discuss the best way to stay motivated when learning a new language.

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See the Episode on Youtube at https://youtu.be/NgdpTomnFSs.