Behind the Gallery Doors: A Unique Perspective by Denice as a owner of Wildfire Art Gallery

Cowgirl Artists of America

Oct 27 2023 • 45 mins

In today's episode, we talk with Denice Erway, owner of @Wildfire Gallery on the Paseo in Oklahoma City. Denice is a passionate supporter of the arts and the Paseo Arts District, and she even currently serves as the Merchant Committee Chairperson for the Paseo Arts District.

There are many fantastic galleries of all sizes that can be an asset to your career and growth, but unfortunately, there are also galleries that don't have it together, aren't a good fit, or worst case scenario, behave unprofessionally or unethically. Today we will get Denice's perspective on working with a gallery.

We'll ask her for a little sneak peek behind the scenes to get the perspective of a gallery owner and things to look forward to make sure you are finding the right gallery to work with so that you make sure you're building a great partnership because great partnerships with galleries really can be a great asset to your career.