Part 1: The Dream of Supersonic Flight


Nov 21 2022 • 41 mins

In the opening episode, host Nastaran Tavakoli-Far and producer Pedro Mendes set the stage for what’s going to be a supersonic journey documented in six parts—and also reflect on their personal connections to Concorde. You’ll hear about the monumental 1956 meeting of the Supersonic Transport Aircraft Committee (STAC) that set in motion a complex network of teams from the U.K. and France to realize this ambitious project. Also in this episode — the team travels to the Brooklands Museum in the U.K, where host Nas sees a Concorde up close for the first time.

Guests in this episode:

  • Jonathan Glancey, author of 'Concorde: The Rise and Fall of the Supersonic Airliner'
  • Katie John, Editor of Mach 2 magazine
  • Michel Polacco, French aviation reporter, and author of a book on the Concorde in French
  • Nigel Ferris, a former clerk in the hangers where the British Concorde fleet was built
  • John Britton, Chief Engineer of the British Concorde fleet
  • Ted Talbot (through the voice of Steve Wadhams), Chief Design Engineer at Concorde and author of the memoir ‘Concorde, A Designer's Life’
  • Dudley Collard, member of the Aerodynamics Design team at Concorde

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