Karben4, Working Draft and Wisconsin Brewing Company/Lake Louie Part 2

The Karben4 Podcast: An Unhinged Brewery Tour

Jun 16 2023 • 35 mins

Passion. Hard work. Gun toting cats atop flame nostriled unicorns. This is Karben4 Brewing in Madison, Wisconsin.

Bringing together the brilliant minds of Madison's brewing industry and beyond, Ryan Koga, Zak Koga and Joe Walts from Karben4 are joined in this episode by the legend - Kirby Nelson - of Wisconsin Brewing Company and Lake Louie and the best damn brewer of lagers - Clint Lohman - from Working Draft Beer Company.

In this episode, we get more of Clint's origin story and how he came to Working Draft Beer Company.

The guys pull back the curtain on how tastes have changed and how guests visiting the taprooms select the beer they're going to drink.  You have a choice, and people are way more educated on their beer choices than they once were.

There's a disconnect between beer ratings like on Untapped versus what sales actually look like.

Brewers have had to adjust over the years with the rise of seltzers and RTDs and balancing new trends with sticking to what feeds their soul - brewing damn good beer.

Head to the taprooms at Karben4, Working Draft and Wisconsin Brewing Company/Lake Louie to say hi to the guys and indulge in the brews they've got on tap. And when you're visiting, use Destination Madison's 'Madison on Tap' craft beverage trail app for perks and prizes!

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