Meet Tom from Young Blood Beer Company with Karben4

The Karben4 Podcast: An Unhinged Brewery Tour

Aug 10 2023 • 37 mins

Ryan, Zak and Joe from Karben4 Brewing are joined by Kyle and Tom from Young Blood Beer Company.

On today's episode, we get the Tom's backstory and how he came to opening up Plain Spoke Cocktail Company and then co-founding Young Blood Beer Company.  Young Blood recently opened a second location in Madison in the Northstreet Collective so we get the insight into how that space differs from the downtown Madison location, not only in look and feel but how the beer sales are different. If you haven't checked out the new location, please do! It's very much a neighborhood gathering spot vibe.

Tom grew up in the greater Milwaukee area and eventually moved to New Mexico and attended law school. He has a law degree, but has never actively practiced law - so perhaps don't go to him for legal advice. Tom found his way back to Madison and fell in love with cocktail bartending. He helped setup the cocktail menu at Merchant in Madison.

We bring you the history of Ryan Koga's hairstyles  and Kyle's candy preferences (he's also got a fear of being somewhere and needing floss). Ryan taught Tom to plumb, so you can imagine the innuendos in this conversation.

Kyle loves saisons and feels it's the most forgiving beer style from a creative freedom perspectice. But you'll never find Kyle making a peanut butter saison!

Head to the taprooms of Karben4, and Young Blood Beer Company to say hi and indulge in the brews they've got on tap. And when you're visiting, use Destination Madison's 'Madison on Tap' craft beverage trail app for perks and prizes!

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