Intro to Young Blood's Head Brewer Kyle with Karben4

The Karben4 Podcast: An Unhinged Brewery Tour

Jul 28 2023 • 48 mins

Ryan, Zak and Joe from Karben4 Brewing are joined by Kyle and Tom from Young Blood Beer Company.

On today's episode, we get the story of Kyle - Head Brewer for Young Blood.  We're very lucky that he's stuck around so long...he wasn't paid for the first couple months after the brewery opened!  No was a mistake and corrected!

Kyle started in homebrewing with his dad and when he when he showed up for his first real brewery job interview, resume in hand along with a 6-pack of his homebrew and wearing dockers, dress shoes and a shirt and tie, the Brewmaster at Water Street questioned whether he was there for the brewer interview.

Ryan and Kyle have in common the fact that they both brewed in Montana. There's quite the tangent from Ryan on how you get a liqour license in Wisconsin versus Montana. Apparently Montana is awful! Wisconsin is easy in comparison. So all ya'll complaining about Wisconsin's process and just stop.

Kyle's journey took him to Siebel to study brewing and then on to actually brewing at Great Northern in Montana. There was one point Kyle needed a 'bum drum' or something...I don't know...a Zak recommendation.

Head to the taprooms of Karben4, and Young Blood Beer Company to say hi and indulge in the brews they've got on tap. And when you're visiting, use Destination Madison's 'Madison on Tap' craft beverage trail app for perks and prizes!

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