The Unhinged of all Unhinged Brewery Tours: Part 2

The Karben4 Podcast: An Unhinged Brewery Tour

Oct 27 2023 • 43 mins

The moment you've all been waiting for! Part 2 of The Karben4 Podcast: An Unhinged Brewery Tour with Sam Green from Untitled Art / Octopi AND Patrick Murphy from Five Cities (previously at Karben4).

In this episode we talk non-alcoholic brewing processes, how Octopi got rolling and then went through three or four expansions, Isaac from Octopi is  HUGE Star Wars fan, there are tanks imploding, pain in the ass canning lines, etc. etc. Contract brewing used to be such a dirty word and Octopi kind of rewrote that story.

Patrick's buddy recently called him a good brewer...he was jacked!!

We got sidetracked A LOT. Talked a lot of nonsense.

Have you seen the movie Primer? That's what this episode is.

Head to the Karben4 and Untitled Art/Octopi taprooms to say hi and indulge in the brews they've got on tap. And when you're visiting, use Destination Madison's 'Madison on Tap' craft beverage trail app for perks and prizes!

Or if you're in Iowa, find Patrick at Five Cities.

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Passion. Hard work. Gun toting cats atop flame nostriled unicorns. This is Karben4 Brewing in Madison, Wisconsin. Cheers!