Don't Give Your Power Away: Sovereignty and Discernment

Heart of an Empath

Nov 4 2023 • 19 mins

Hello my lovelies! Today we're talking a little more about not giving your power away. We've discussed it in a previous podcast, but today we're going to take it a step further. I want you all to remember that it's so important to know, that you are a sovereign being. You are strong and powerful! You are not small! Always use your discernment, whatever words of advice you may receive, always always ALWAYS run it past your intuition, your discernment, see how it makes you feel. It's very easy to give your power away to someone else, especially in these busy and unsure times. Stay true to your heart, and your intuition, and be that light for yourself as well as others. By staying strong, and using your discernment, you will become a beacon for others as well, who will look to you for strength.