Seeing the shots with community

The Perceptive Photographer

Jan 22 2024 • 13 mins

Dive into episode 436 of The Perceptive Photographer to explore the intertwining of camaraderie, standards, and idealism in photography. In this episode, I reflect on an owl photo adventure, revealing insights into how photographers can enhance their craft through communal experiences, precise goals, and a contagiously optimistic outlook. Key Topics Community matters in photography Setting expectations can limit you Positivity is infectious on shoots Photography is a privileged pursuit "That sense of idealism also was really sort of interesting because it came out and I remember one guy said something to the effect of, I’m gonna get one of the greatest shots I’ve ever gotten today." Subscribing to the podcast ensures not missing any new episodes released every Monday. Gear used in the podcast One of the questions I get asked frequently is what sort of equipment do I use to record my podcast. I have used a variety of equipment in the years that I have been recording, but here is the current list of equipment that I am using. Also as an FYI and full disclosure, the links are affiliate links to Amazon.Rode Procaster XLR microphoneRode Boom ArmRode PSM ShockmountAll three Rode components a kitFocusrite Scarlet 2i2Adobe Audition (part of creative cloud subscription)LogicPro XMacbook ProOWC Thunderbolt 3 dockHeadphones