An investor’s guide to shareholder meetings in India

Zerodha Educate

19-09-2021 • 52 mins

The CFA Society India recently published the second edition of The Investor’s Guide to Shareholder Meetings in India. As investors, even though we hold stocks of various companies, we rarely think about our rights. Investors also rarely realize that by virtue of the shares they hold, they are entitled to voting rights in a company. It's a chance for them to question the management and engage with them so that they aren't taken for granted as minority shareholders.

So we caught up with Sivananth Ramachandran, CFA, Director of Capital Markets Policy (India) and Amit Tandon, Founder and Managing Director, IiAS, who worked on the report to talk about:

  1. The objective behind publishing the report
  2. Shareholder meetings post-COVID
  3. Basics of shareholder meetings
  4. Why don't retail investors attend these meetings
  5. Evolution of corporate governance in India
  6. Do the votes of retail investors count?
  7. Things to look for when analysing shareholder proposals put forth by companies
  8. ESG investing and the role of shareholders
  9. Shareholder activism and ESG
  10. Shareholder meetings in India vs other countries

and a whole lot more.

Please enjoy this conversation with Sivananth and Amit.

Here's the link to the An Investor's Guide to Shareholder Meetings in India.

If you have any questions about shareholder meetings and shareholder rights, do post them here on TradingQnA.