Understanding what's happening in the debt markets with R Sivakumar

Zerodha Educate

27-04-2020 • 50 mins

Whenever there is volatility, equity markets get all the attention. Bonds typically don't move around as much as equities and hence they seem boring to most people. Moreover, the Indian bond markets are extremely shallow and are dominated by institutions. But the bond markets send far more useful and actionable signals about companies and the economy at large are far more insightful than movements of stock prices and indices.

And debt mutual funds, the most accessible products to retail investors are dominated by institutions and HNIs. And there are also a lot of misconceptions about the role of debt in portfolios. So, Prateek Singh (Founder of LearnApp) caught up with R Sivakumar, Head of Fixed Income at Axis Mutual Fund - THE best person to talk about all things debt and bond markets.

In this conversation we talk about:

  1. When happens in a bond market when the equity markets crash
  2. A birdseye view of the Indian and global economy as COVID-19 spread through the globe
  3. Factors that move bond prices
  4. RBIs recent actions to provide liquidity
  5. Why do you need debt in your portfolio
  6. How not to choose debt funds
  7. Gilt funds and their use

and a whole lot more...

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