Achieving Hypergrowth - Irina Scarlat, Former Global Head of Growth at Revolut


May 11 2021 • 31 mins

How do you define “hypergrowth”? If you google examples of hypergrowth companies, Uber and Revolut would be some of the first examples you’ll see. For this reason and because I think she’s a fascinating product leader, I spoke with Irina Scarlat, who was Global Head of Growth at Revolut until March 2021 and she also let Uber's growth in Romania until 2018. She shared with us her recipe for achieving hypergrowth.

In this episode of The Product Show:

- What it was to grow Revolut from 20k to 1.5M users in Romania - the strategies that worked in the early days;
- How to use product-led growth, community-driven growth, and marketing-driven growth to achieve hypergrowth
- The butterfly effect - why small product tweaks and attention to every single detail can take your product far
- Why the real proof of product-led growth are non incentivised referrals
- How to make sure you’re not rushing marketing-led growth
- Why Irina believes that product-led growth can’t take you to be a unicorn
- What does it take to land a job at Revolut and Uber?