A delicious life - Valérie Nourissat, Life Embodiment Coach

Joie de Vivre

Jan 28 2022 • 36 mins

What does it mean to live a "delicious life"? Can you find your bliss and still have impact, or the other way around?

Today, I discuss this with Valérie Nourissat, a French women I looooooove. She is Certified Embodiment Coach and when I think about Joie de Vivre and people with impressive ways of managing their life projects, she is in my top five people.

After a life of travels in the wine industry, Valérie now lives in Vancouver, working as a life coach, helping other women reaching what she calls a "delicious life".

In this episode, she is going to talk about

  • What it means to savor your life.
  • How do you reconnect with your vision?
  • The power of having big dreams
  • How to get started on a project
  • She also tells us about her own life journey working all over the world
  • The power of coaching and investing seriously in yourself
  • How to unveil your inner voice


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