Scars of Knowledge from a Serial Entrepreneur

Revenue Builders

May 2 2024 • 1 hr 4 mins

In this episode, John McMahon and John Kaplan feature guest Sean Burke, a seven-time CXO.

From 1990 to 1994, Sean was a salesperson and loved every minute of it (he broke records, built amazing client relationships, and put hundreds of thousands of miles on his Honda Accord).

From 1994 to 2018, Sean co-founded and helped grow nine early-stage companies. Seven of these nine companies successfully exited for over $600M.

During these years, Sean learned about mergers & acquisitions, product-market fit, managing cash flow, evangelical sales, raising funds, making & losing millions, how to creatively accomplish much with very little $, and much more.

The discussion includes key sales lessons from Mark Cuban, emphasizing the importance of trust and helping in sales, and strategies for creating trust with clients. The hosts also delve into the intricacies of forecasting, deal qualification, and managing sales cycles, with a focus on understanding customer needs and aligning sales strategies accordingly. The conversation provides actionable advice for sales leaders on improving sales performance, structuring deals, and leveraging data for better forecasting and pipeline management.

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[00:01:51] Sales Insights from Mark Cuban's Masterclass
[00:03:32] Building Trust and Understanding in Sales
[00:08:18] The Art of Preparation and Asking the Right Questions
[00:11:55] Navigating the Procurement Process: Insights and Strategies
[00:15:44] Simplifying Business Success: Lessons from Purdue University
[00:20:36] Identifying and Targeting the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
[00:24:17] Strategic Sales Expansion and Resource Allocation
[00:31:56] Navigating the Challenges of Meeting Sales Targets
[00:32:42] Strategies for Setting Realistic Sales Goals
[00:34:52] Building a Culture of Accountability and Trust in Sales
[00:35:41] The Importance of Ownership and Data in Revenue Operations
[00:42:39] Forecasting and the Art of Accurate Sales Predictions
[00:42:44] Understanding and Managing Deal Pushes in Sales
[00:50:33] Optimizing Sales Operations and Pipeline Management
[01:02:43] Concluding Thoughts on Sales Success and Leadership


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[00:02:36] “They have to trust the seller first, the company second, and then the product solution, et cetera, after that.”
[00:10:28] “We would put together a team and we would have the personas that we're selling to be represented by the same personas within our team and role play those out.”
[00:59:23] “So it's all this rhythm of the business that you got to be really aware of as a CRO because you can start a year and end a year dead Or you could start a year and end of the year on the path to success”