REPLAY: The Navy SEAL Approach to Leadership

Revenue Builders

May 23 2024 • 30 mins

This episode of the Revenue Builders Podcast, hosted by John McMahon and John Kaplan, is a special replay focusing on leadership and resilience insights from Navy SEAL veterans Mike Hayes and Brent Gleason. Hayes, a former commanding officer of SEAL Team 2 and current SVP and COO of VMware, discusses his book "Never Enough" and the importance of constantly striving for improvement, embracing difficult situations, and fostering a team-oriented mindset.

Gleason shares his SEAL experiences and insights from his book "Embrace the Suck," underscoring the significance of persistence, purpose, and passion in overcoming adversity. Both interviews delve into how SEAL training philosophies on embracing challenges, dynamic subordination, and the mental aspect of enduring hardships can be applied to business leadership and personal growth, promoting a narrative of continuous learning and team cohesion.

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[00:00:47] Memorial Day Special: Lessons from Veterans
[00:01:07] Mike Hayes: Leadership Lessons from a Navy SEAL
[00:02:15] Embracing Challenges and the Concept of 'Never Enough'
[00:10:35] The SEAL Mindset: Team, Teammate, Self
[00:14:59] Dynamic Subordination and Leadership in SEALs and Business
[00:18:51] Brent Gleason: Embracing the Suck for Extraordinary Life
[00:20:44] The SEAL Training Experience and Building Resilience
[00:24:08] Channeling Pain and Persistence for Success


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"You're only excellent if you know you're never excellent enough" - Mike: [00:03:52] “Whatever ways we define 'better', I think it has nothing to do with seniority, age, or where we are in our careers. You can be ninety-something years old and still be trying to get better at different things.”

"Brent on having a passion for what you're trying to accomplish": [00:28:24] “If you think about any lofty goal we've ever pursued in life whether it's sports, work, charitable organizations, or in relationships, no lofty goal is ever achieved without some stress, pain, and adversity.”