Cold Calling and Objections with Leslie Venetz

Revenue Builders

May 12 2024 • 8 mins

In this curated episode of the Revenue Builders Podcast, John McMahon and John Kaplan engage in a dynamic conversation with Leslie Venetz, an expert in outbound sales strategies. Leslie delves into the art of cold calling and objection handling, drawing from her extensive experience. She shares invaluable insights into common objections, the psychology behind them, and practical strategies for navigating them effectively. Discover how curiosity, conversation, and conclusion form the pillars of successful cold calls, and learn actionable techniques to empower your sales team.


[00:00:30]Common Objections: Leslie identifies 13 common objections encountered in sales cycles, emphasizing that objections are inevitable and must be anticipated.
[00:03:09] Rooted in Fear: Many objections stem from a lack of trust and fear of making the wrong decision, especially in uncertain economic climates.
[00:04:48] The 3 C's Framework: Leslie introduces the 3 C's approach—Curiosity, Conversation, and Conclusion—as a paradigm shift from simply overcoming objections to fostering genuine dialogue and understanding with prospects.
[00:06:38] Curiosity is Key: Rather than immediately trying to counter objections, sales professionals should prioritize curiosity and seek to understand the underlying reasons behind objections.
[00:07:54] Personal Detachment: Separating oneself from the product or solution helps salespeople handle objections objectively and maintain genuine curiosity about the prospect's perspective.


[00:02:23] "If you're getting on a cold call with somebody, you're going to hear at least one objection. Full stop."
[00:06:15] "The number one most important thing that you can do when you hear an objection is just try to keep the conversation going."
[00:07:07] "Some of the best salespeople...are so curious as to why the customer has that opinion...they start to ask why and they don't understand, and it's very genuine because they really don't understand and they really are curious."

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