Love & Marriage: Building Healthy Relationships with Your Spouse and Adult Children with Becky Baudouin

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Feb 28 2024 • 59 mins

Today on the podcast Becky Baudouin, author, speaker, wife and mom, joins me to talk all about navigating marriage and the relationships we have with our young adult and adult children. I share this episode here and on Faith Fueled Woman podcast as well.

The episode is so good- full of honest stories, tips on getting support for your marriage, navigating conflict, learning how to communicate better and addressing our own wounds.

Here's even more of the topics we discuss:

  • Getting help in your marriage
  • Doing Life with Other Couples
  • Dealing with family origin issues
  • How to resolve conflict in a healthy way
  • Understanding How Your Past is Impacting Your Present Relationships
  • Getting Counseling for Your Marriage
  • How to Communicate
  • Celebrating our Spouse
  • Allowing Our Kids to See Us Working Through Conflict
  • Becoming an Empty Nester
  • Allowing Kids to Make Mistakes, Struggle and Learn as Adults
  • Learning Not to Overly Criticize Our Kids
  • Why Couples that Pray Together Are Less Likely to Get Divorced
  • Remembering Our Kids Stories are in Process

Awareness /Dialogue Wheel Technique & Directions

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Cancer, Faith and Unexpected Joy: What My Mother Taught Me About How to Live and How to Die

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