Episode 4 - New Years Resolution Part 4 - Understanding Seasons

Initial Factor

Jan 22 2023 • 30 mins

Hi there initiators, this is the last episode of the series New Year's Resolution.
In this episode, we will tackle a little about how the seasons in life can affect our New Year's resolution and understand how going with it rather than against it can be more beneficial to our goals.

There are 4 different weather seasons that we can learn from in terms of the seasons we have in our life:

  • Winter - time of peace/recovery/planning - Usually a slow-down phase in order to better accelerate the next seasons.
  • Spring - Building time/seed time - the best time to start things up.
  • Summer - Protection/Reinforcement time - keeping a distance away from distractions.
  • Fall - Harvest time - and how to prepare for the next cycle or even the next season - Winter Season.

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