Team Coaching: How do you work at the dynamic level?

The Agile Business Innovation‘s Podcast

Sep 10 2021 • 10 mins

We talked about the structural level of team coaching, and now we're talking about the level of dynamics, otherwise called the interpersonal level,. This level is all about how people relate within the team. If the team is doing well, they're willing to give each other the benefit of the doubt, and they're willing to support each other. If one person has a problem, the other person says, “what can I do to help you?”. What's an ideal team for me is when it comes to the wire that everyone eds to be done, regardless of their status, or their position, or their role in the team.

The dynamics are healthy, if there's cohesion, if people want the team to survive. You see them helping each other, complementing each other, doing what needs to be done, disregarding their egos, and working together seamlessly. Where one drops the ball, the other one picks it up.