What are NFTs? feat. Kavita Gupta

A Show About Crypto with Rohan Joshi

19-08-2021 • 28 mins

Did you know that Jack Dorsey sold his first ever tweet as an NFT for 2.9 million dollars in March of this year?

On this episode, Rohan asks the question - "What are NFT's?" to Kavita Gupta, Co-founder at Fintech.TV and Delta Blockchain Fund, ex-Founding Managing Partner at ConsenSys Ventures and Visiting Scholar at Stanford. He also asks her what 'NFT' stands for (Non-Fungible Token), what it means for a token to be non-fungible, how NFTs work, how they are being used by artists and in the art world right now, and lots more. Also, that Jack Dorsey tweet thing! Tune in and find out.

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