Crypto Regulation Bill - Panic Sell or Hold? feat. Varun Sethi

A Show About Crypto with Rohan Joshi

26-11-2021 • 29 mins

With the Indian government announcing a possible 'ban' and new regulations for crypto, a lot of professionals, investors and individuals in this space are at a loss as to what the future of this space could look like in the country.

On this episode, Rohan asks about the new Crypto Regulation Bill in India, and asks 'Panic Sell or Hold?' to Varun Sethi, Founder of Blockchain Lawyer. Varun explains what the new bill means, why it has so many folks in a panic, whether cryptocurrencies will actually get banned in India, why there is confusion as to what 'Private Cryptocurrencies' mean, and more. Rohan also asks Varun about what CBDCs or Central Bank Digital Currencies are, why they are a much more positive step, the need for regulation in this space, whether people should be panic selling or holding at least till the law is announced. Further, Varun gives the example of GST - how different the proposed bill was compared to the final law that actually came into effect. All this and tons more answers to your burning questions on this episode of A Show About Crypto.

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