Woice with Warikoo Podcast

Mar 28 2024 • 3 mins

In this episode Ankur delves into the complex question of whether destiny exists or if individuals have free will, inspired by a question asked at an event. He shares his conflicted feelings where his mind believes in destiny due to the hints in philosophy, spiritual, and religious texts suggesting everything is pre-planned. However, his heart struggles with this notion due to a strong belief in free will, the importance of choices, and the consequences that follow. He explores the troubling implications of destiny, such as escaping the repercussions of one's actions under the guise of fate. Despite his internal conflict and the lack of a definitive stance, he invites listeners to share their views on this philosophical debate.

00:00 Welcome to Woice with Warikoo: A Journey into Entrepreneurship and Life Lessons
00:18 The Destiny Debate: Exploring the Existence of Fate
00:30 Philosophical Musings: Destiny vs. Free Will
01:48 The Moral Dilemma of Destiny
02:55 Concluding Thoughts and Reflections
03:22 Signing Off: Stay Tuned for More Insights