Woice with Warikoo Podcast

Apr 11 2024 • 6 mins

In this episode  Ankur discusses five beliefs he held as a child that he has since realized are not true. He covers topics such as the finite nature of money, the infallibility of parents, definitions of success, the correlation between academic performance and life success, and the quantity of friends contributing to happiness. He provides insights into how these misconceptions were formed and encourages listeners to question and discover their own truths. The episode aims to provoke thought and offer new perspectives on common societal beliefs.

00:00 Welcome to Woice with Warikoo: An Introduction
00:18 Childhood Beliefs vs. Reality: A Personal Journey
00:49 The Myth of Finite Money and Wealth Creation
02:26 Rethinking Parental Perfection
03:27 Redefining Success: Beyond Rich and Famous
04:39 Academic Performance vs. Life Success
05:35 The True Value of Friendship
06:19 Reflecting on Personal Growth and Insights
06:28 Closing Thoughts and Invitation to Subscribe