8 Hacks for Latin Women in Business

Here 2 There

Aug 31 2023 • 13 mins

In this episode of Here 2 There, Marilyn Ehrhardt, a seasoned coach for professional women, shares her personal journey as a Latina immigrant woman who broke the glass ceiling in her professional career in the USA. She also discusses the unique challenges faced by Latina women in the workplace, such as cultural expectations, stereotypes, discrimination, and lack of support. She offers practical and empowering strategies for Latina women to overcome these barriers and thrive in their careers, such as embracing their strengths, seeking mentorship and networking, developing communication skills, advocating for themselves, and taking care of themselves.

Is it time for a radical change in your life/career? Marilyn Ehrhardt offers personal/group coaching for women that want breakthroughs in their career and personal life. To find out more, visit our webpage at: https://h2t.sabianet.com. Use the "Got a Question?" option on the left to contact me!