Don't Walk in the Lane of Fear

Here 2 There

Jan 25 2024 • 18 mins

In this episode, Marilyn Ehrhardt shares her insights on how fear can hold us back from achieving our dreams and purpose in life. She challenges us to seek the truth that will set us free from the lies and scams that pervade our culture and society. She also shares her personal stories of overcoming fear and corruption in her career as a global executive and entrepreneur.

Some of the highlights and discussion points of this episode are:

  • Fear is a lie that we make a choice to believe or not. It is like a pill that has no power over us until we swallow it and let it enter our bloodstream.
  • The promises of God are like pills that have no power in our lives until we truly believe in them and hold them close to our hearts and lives.
  • There is no truth in the courtroom, the business world, the corporate diversity programs, the family and friends opinions, the silence and hard work, or the digital platforms. These are all filled with lies, scams, and manipulation that instill fear and stop us from fulfilling our potential.
  • We have a unique DNA, gift, and purpose in this life that no one else can replicate. We need to be clear about who we are and what we want to achieve, and not let fear or lies derail us from our path.
  • We need to be realistic about the sacrifices and challenges that come with being a woman, a mother, a wife, a professional, a business owner, or an entrepreneur. We need to have the skills, experience, education, knowledge, expertise, investment, negotiation, communication, and character to succeed in any of these roles.
  • We need to seek the truth that will set us free from the lane of fear and lead us to the lane of success. The truth is not based on our personal opinion, experience, or emotion, but on the word of God and the facts and data that support our goals.

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