Wheel of Time Spoilers 188 - TSR - Ch29 Homecoming

WoT Spoilers

Jan 26 2019 • 58 mins

Perrin comes home. He purposely leads the party in a circuitous route, probably hoping to find Tam, but when he reaches the al'Thor farm there's little more than ashes where it once stood. When the group arrives in Emonds Field the al'Veres urge Perrin to leave, but he's having none of it. Bran has terrible news for him. The Luhans, and the Cauthon women have been kidnapped and are being held by Whitecloaks, there are trollocs preying on isolated farmsteads, and worst of all Perrin's family has been slaughtered by one of those groups. In an incredibly emotional; painful to read final scene, Perrin breaks down and weeps right there in the Winespring. We're crying with him.

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