My opinion on coaches and mentors

Travel Agent Achievers Podcast

Aug 8 2023 • 33 mins

In this thought-provoking episode, Ros shares her insights and personal experiences surrounding the importance of coaches and mentors, especially in the business world. Drawing from her own background, she reflects on her time working at McDonald's as a teenager in Australia and how the organisational structure and community there shaped her. She emphasises the importance of good mentors and people looking out for her, fostering her love for Hospitality and Tourism. She also contrasts her experience with her high school community and highlights how her part-time job became her community and laid the foundation for her views on coaching and mentoring.

Ros dives into the alarming statistics regarding small and medium-sized enterprises in Australia, highlighting how a significant number of these businesses fail within the first few years. She argues that there is often a lack of support for small business owners and draws attention to the difference between how coaches are perceived in sports compared to business. The discussion leads to her personal journey in her travel business and her decision to join a business coaching program called Business Blueprint by Dale Beaumont, despite the five-figure investment. This experience led her to recognize the value of being challenged and having a mentor to guide and inspire.

The episode wraps up with Ros' reflections on why coaching and mentoring are not only important but also essential for personal and professional growth. She acknowledges that the investment in a coach or mentor can be intimidating but emphasises that it can be a game-changer for many. Drawing from her own experience and those of her friends, she encourages listeners to think bigger, challenge their beliefs, and recognise the opportunity coaching and mentoring can provide in various aspects of life. It's a compelling conversation that emphasises the human need for guidance, community, and the courage to grow.

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