205 - Even Michael Phelps Takes Swim Lessons

Think Significantly

Mar 1 2022 • 42 mins

We’re kicking off our new theme of Question Everything this month with an exploration of self!

Most people love the feeling of being celebrated. Getting recognized for something we’ve accomplished or for doing something better than everyone else gives us a boost to our self-image and floods us with positive feelings. Not being good at something, on the other hand, is generally not a positive experience. We shy away from things we haven’t mastered for fear of looking foolish or being judged for a lack of ability. However, there is something to be said for–and gained by–instituting a mindset of continuous improvement in our lives. Even if our goal isn’t mastering a task, committing to a mentality where continuous improvement is a mainstay can have significant positive effects on one’s life.

Conversation Kindling:

Visual Capitalist has a fascinating graphic that shows the daily routines of famous creative people that you can see HERE. The visual breaks down the individual’s day by sleep, exercise, food/leisure, work, and creative pursuits. It even has an interactive component which is fun to play with. The reason that we’re sharing it on the heels of our “Question Everything” month is because your schedule could be another place for you to reevaluate your life. All of these individuals achieved notoriety in their respective fields, yet their schedules were vastly different. When are you most creative? Does it coincide with when you engage in your most creative endeavors? Are you a night owl who somehow wound up working at a job with a 6 AM start?  What tweaks could you make to your day that would be more in alignment with your natural “ebb and flow?”

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