214 - Hacking Happiness

Think Significantly

May 31 2022 • 42 mins

In the year 2020, people searched Google for the word “happiness” more than ever before. It’s not surprising that in the middle of a pandemic, financial hardship, political strife, and social unrest people were searching for the elusive. But the search for happiness is nothing new. People look to find happiness in all sorts of places–their jobs, their relationships, their successes. But what people often don’t realize is that happiness doesn’t reside anywhere. It isn’t a destination or an end state. It’s a process, a state of being. In this episode, we reveal some of the ways that we can harness happiness in our everyday lives.

Conversation Kindling:

One of the greatest contributing factors to overall happiness in your life is how much gratitude you show. Check out this seven-minute video to see how gratitude is linked to feeling happier!

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