What kinds of fashion education are needed now? a global choir of voices and ideas – special edition

Fashion is a great teacher – The fashion education podcast

Oct 10 2022 • 35 mins

In this special edition you will listen to a choir of voices from the last Digital Multilogue on Fashion Education, organized by Renate Stauss & Franziska Schreiber, the conference that asked: What kinds of fashion education are needed NOW? In October 2021, the Multilogue brought together 450 participants from 52 countries. Through a wealth of papers and workshops, provocations and conversations, a student think tank and exhibition, and a live podcasting booth it aimed to inspire mutual learning, collaborative research and shared action – fashion educations for NOW.
This special edition of Fashion is a great teacher brings you a lasting multilogue, a global choir of thoughts, ideas and solutions on what it means to learn and teach fashion at this collective moment, what moves people right now and what fashion education has done and could do

Episode co-editor: Marteena Mendelssohn
Sound editor: Moritz Bailly
Music by: Johannes von Weizsäcker
Graphic by: Studio Regular