Nate Hill

NorCal and Shill

Dec 8 2022 • 31 mins

The World of Photography and CryptoArt with Nate Hill

Episode 66: Show Notes.

It is possible to combine your passions, skills, and ventures to make a successful career! Nate Hill, an Australian freelancer, has managed to combine his passion for art, music, and creativity with his love for photography to create a successful and fulfilling career. Nate, who has worked with high-profile companies, and famous music bands, and photographed (and digitally manipulated) landscapes, started his NFT/CryptoArt journey in 2020 and has some solid advice for artists needing guidance on their own journey. You will hear how to make meaningful connections, why you need to support the people around you, and the difference between a cookie, biscuit, and scone!

Key Points From This Episode:

•    Why Nate is hurrying to get a hardware wallet.

•    Nate’s initial thoughts on CryptoArt and NFTs.

•    When Nate made his first NFT.

•    How Nate came to make art and define his own style.

•    Different jobs Nate has had in his career: art and non-art related.

•    Some personal, fun questions for Nate.

•    Nate’s favorite piece of advice.

•    Tips for artists joining the NFT/CryptoArt space.

•    There are no shortcuts in creating your NFT career.

•    How NorCal became an art collector.

•    The difference between a cookie, biscuit, and scone.

•    Nate’s shoutouts and upcoming projects.

•    How Nate and NorCal met.

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