🟡 #25 - An Interview with Calum White of White & Co

Golden Nuggets with Silvia Eldawi

Feb 20 2024 • 58 mins

Setting the record straight: Costs, Culture, and Commissions💰

Welcome to another episode of Golden Nuggets with Silvia Eldawi - The Leader's Season that promises to inspire, educate, and motivate.

🎙️ In this episode with Calum White, Founder & CEO of White & Co Real Estate, one of Dubai's fastest growing brokerages, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to chasing the Dubai dream, company culture, commission splits, startup and running costs.

Filmed against the breathtaking backdrop of One Palm, we get an exclusive look into the life of a man who dared to dream big and, by doing so, changed the game for everyone around him. 💛

Headline chats include:

[0:00] - Intro 🚀
[0:40] - The Journey Begins ✈️
[5:30] - The stark differences between UK and UAE agent responsibilities 🎲
[8:53] - The Birth of White & Co: Redefining Real Estate Brokerage 🎩
[15:20] - Empowerment and Transparency 🔎
[22:45] - The Most Important Boring Video of the Year 🎬
[28:28] - Building an All-Star team 🌟
[32:22] - Culture of accountability 🧬
[36:46] - Split commission practices and policies ✂
[40:00] - Why most agents will fail? ☠️
[43:06] - How agents can go from GOOD to GOAT 🐐
[45:43] - Your Qs Answered❓
[53:03] - Words of wisdom for Real Estate Agents 💛

Whether you're a seasoned real estate professional, an aspiring agent, or simply intrigued by the tales of tenacity and triumph, this episode is packed with actionable insights, heartfelt advice, and no nonsense real talk.

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